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InterAct 3D ProgRam Pad SV-235
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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1. Setup
1.1 Make sure there is a joystick icon in the Control Panel of your
Windows 95 system. If not, check your computer hardware configuration
and Windows 95 documentation.

1.2 Before the installation of the INTERACT PC PROPAD 6 device driver,
make sure that the Windows 95 Joystick Properties window is closed.

1.3 If you choose Add/Remove Device function provided in the Control Panel
to install the device driver for the INTERACT PC PROPAD 6 game
controller, you must insert the installation disk before clicking the
INSTALL button in the Add/Remove Device dialog box.

2. Calibration
2.1 Before you proceed with the calibration procedure, please select the
device - INTERACT PC PROPAD 6 first.

2.2 During the calibration procedure, button R and button L of the
game controller will not be recognized by the calibration program.

3. Testing
3.1 If you use the testing procedure provided in the Control Panel,
you cannot test buttons R and L, but other buttons and the direction
control knob will respond normally.

3.2 You can run the gamepad testing program - PROPAD6.EXE - provided in the
installation disk to test all the functions and features of the PC
PROPAD 6 game controller.

3.3 If you find any problem while playing games or in the Windows 95
Joystick Properties window, please double check with the testing program

4. Uninstalling The Device
4.1 You can uninstall the PC PROPAD 6 Game Controller Device Driver from the
Windows 95 by either running the UNINSTALLER icon from the Start Menu or
by selecting the Add/Remove Program icon in the Control Panel.

5.1 If you have no response from fire buttons C, D, L and R, check your
I/O card to make sure it can support the use of game port 2.

5.2 If the error message " NO JOYSTICK " appears on your monitor,
ensure that your game port is enabled. You may need to enable it;
call the manufacturer of your game card or PC for assistance.

5.3 If the joystick is working erratically during game play, check to see
if you have more than one game port ( i.e. one on a sound card or one
on a I/O controller card, etc. ). If they are both enabled, an IRQ
conflict is probably the cause of your joystick problem. One must be
disabled; contact the game card manufacturer for details.

The game port may be built in a separate, dedicated game card, or it
may be built into your mother board, sound card, video card, multi
I/O card, super IDE hard disk controller card or some other
expansion card. To disable the existing game port, you should check
with the Owner's manual. If such information is not available in the
Owner's manual, please contact the distributor or service center of
your computer.
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