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Creative Creative GamePad Cobra
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Windows 95-98-98Se
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After installation, your system's registry may lose synchronization
and fail to update the mode changes of your GamePad. This usually occurs
if you are using more than one joystick applet to configure the different
gaming devices attached to your system. In such a situation, your
system will not be able to recognize any of your gaming devices.

Please perform the following steps to refresh your registry:

1 Go to Control Panel, click on System icon.
2 Click the Device Manager tab.
3 Double-click the Sound, Video And Game Controller option.
4 Select the Gameport Joystick option and click the Remove button.

For PnP Gameport Device
5 Click the Refresh button.
6 System will re-detect your Gameport Joystick and reinstall your driver.
(You may require your Windows 95 Installation CD.)

For Non-PnP Gameport Device
5 Close the System Properties dialog box.
6 Click here to display the Control Panel window.
7 Double-click the Add New Hardware icon. The Add New Hardware Wizard appears.
8 Click the Next button.
The wizard will prompt you to search your system for new hardware.
9 Select the No option and click the Next button.
10 Select Sound, Video And Game Controllers from the Hardware Types list box
and click the Next button.
11 Select Microsoft from the Manufacturers list box, Gameport Joystick from
the Models list box, and click the Next button. The hardware wizard will
display the device's resource type and setting. The Input/Output Range is
usually set to 0201.
12 Click the Next button followed by the Finish button and restart your system
for the changes to take effect.
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