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This is the latest Operating System upgrade available for MaxAttach NAS 3000 and NAS 4000 Devices. Subject: Upgrading the MaxAttach Operating System

maxrack_205_3075_17.exe is a self-extracting archive containing:

maxrack_205_3075_17.pkg file -- The OS Upgrade.
readMe.txt -- Step-by-Step procedure for performing the OS Upgrade.

Maxtor recomMends that you extract this file to the Root Directory of the Client you administer the MaxAttach fRom.

You will need 50 MB of free space on Vol1 (even if there are two drives).
Make sure all users are logged out before you perform an upgrade.

NOTE: Before upgrading, Maxtor recomMends that you perform a backup of all critical user data and MaxAttach configuration files.

Downloading and Extracting the Upgrade
Do NOT download the upgrade to the MaxAttach Unit. Maxtor recomMends that you download this file to the Client that you administer your MaxAttach fRom.
Double-Click maxrack_205_3075_17.exe to extract the file. Extraction will result in the creation of a folder structure called \MAXTOR\UPDATES. This structure contains the two aforeMentioned files.

Upgrade Procedure
Access the MaxAttach via the Browser Interface.
FRom the MaxAttach Browser Screen, select the "Tools" link located on the left navigation bar. At this point, the Tools Page will appear in the Browser.
FRom the Tools Page, click on the "Update" tab. You will be pRompted with:

To Update the MaxAttach NAS xxxx's Operating System, click on the Update button and follow the instructions in the new browser window.

NOTE: The "xxxx" value will vary pending on the model of the MaxAttach Unit.
Click the "Update" button.
Click on the "Browse" button, and then locate/highlight the upgrade file naMe. The default location would be C:\Maxtor\Update
Once the file is chosen, click "Open".
Click "Apply" to proceed with the upgrade process.
For the upgrade to take effect, you must reboot your system.

NOTE: In soMe cases you may need to Refresh Browser. After the OS Update, it is recomMended that you clear the Browser's cache station(s) used to Administer the MaxAttach.

Upgrade Failure

If the upgrade fails, the system will revert to the backup configuration hence the system will work like it originally did. Your upgrade may have failed for the following reasons:

The network connection was lost during upgrade.
The upgrade file was corrupted in transfer.
The power went out.
The system is already running the most current version.
There isn't enough space on the hard drive.
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