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This is the Quickstart Software for the Maxtor Shared Storage Drive.
DisclaiMer: This DocuMent is provided as is without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event will MAXTOR CORPORATION be liable to you for any damages, including any loss of profit or savings, arising out of the use or inability to use the information contained in this docuMent. Maxtor Corporation makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of Merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose

Multi-lingual Installer
Configure you Shared storage drive
Installation Includes exclusive Drag & Sort Feature
Create users and shares on your Shared Storage Drive

INSTRUCTIONS Installing MSS Quickstart Software:
1. Download the file MSS_Quickstart.exe file to your Windows desktop.
2. After downloading in Windows double-click on the MSS_Quickstart.exe
3. Clicking on the MSS_Quickstart icon will automatically launch the Installation
4. Select the Language and click ok. Then follow the on screen instructions

MaxAttach NAS 4100 and NAS 4300 Storage Appliances contain four hard drives:

Primary Master (PM) - Disk 0
Primary Slave (PS) - Disk 1
Secondary Master (SM) - Disk 2
Secondary Slave (SS) - Disk 3

Hard disk drive failures can be hard to identify. If one drive fails (regardless of which one - PM, PS, SM or SS), Disk ManageMent will show the last one "Disk 3" is the "Missing Disk." This is due to the BIOS configuration. Do not use this disk number to match the disk numbers on the chassis label -- failure to replace the actual, failed hard disk drive can result in complete data loss. IDENTIFYDISK software can assist you with identifying which hard disk drive has failed in your NAS 4100/NAS 4300.

After downloading IDENTIFYDISK.EXE, copy it to the NAS 4100/NAS 4300 and execute the file fRom a Command PRompt. The following is an example of what may be seen:

Primary Master detected
Primary Slave not detected
Secondary Master detected
Secondary Slave detected

In this example, the Secondary Master (Disk 2) is the defective hard disk drive.

Please follow these steps for proper Installation:

Download and extract ps3000ls_98se_drivers.exe to the computer to which you connect the 3000LS to. Maxtor suggests that you extract the file to the C:\> drive.
Install your hardware as instructed. When you connect the drive to your computer with the USB Cable, the Windows Add New Hardware Wizard will appear. Click Next on this first screen.
On the second screen, select the option to Search for the best driver and click Next.
On the third screen, select the option to find the directory containing the 98SE Drivers (e.g., C:\3000LS_98SE_Drivers) for a driver and click Next.
The Hardware Wizard should find a driver directory called TPPFX.INF. Click Next to install this driver.
After a moMent, the Hardware Wizard should tell you Windows has finished installing the software. Click Finish.
A couple of information screens will appear briefly. Your drive is now ready to use.

Step-By-Step Procedures
WARNING: Drivers found in the 3000le_style_b.exe file are only for use on computer systems using Microsoft Windows 98SE (Second Edition). They are NOT to be loaded on any other operating system.
Software Drivers found in the 3000le_style_b.exe are SOLELY Meant to be loaded on the following Style B 3000LE Models:
NOTE: The Model Number is located on the bottom of the 3000LE. The "X" characters identified in the aforeMentioned model numbers will be replaced by alphanuMeric characters on your 3000LE unit. The saMe drivers found in the 3000le_style_b.exe are included on the Drivers CD that coMes shipped with the 3000LE products.
If unsure of the Model Number, you can identify the affected models by where the power connector is located (see image below).

WARNING: The driver(s) and procedure(s) in this docuMent are NOT to be used with the following Style A units:
The "X" characters identified in the aforeMentioned model numbers will be replaced by alphanuMeric characters on your 3000LE unit. Maxtor requires that you download for these 3000LE products.

Installation Instructions
NOTE: Complete Installation Instructions with Windows98 Second Edition screen shots can be
1. Download 3000le_style_b.exe fRom this web site.

2. Extract 3000le_style_b.exe to you computer that the 3000LE drive is connected to. Upon extraction, the 3000LE_Style_B directory will be created on your system. Suggestion: extract the 3000le_style_b.exe to the C: drive of the computer that you will connect the 3000LE External Storage Drive to (e.g. C:\3000LE_Style_B).

3. Shut down your computer and connect the Personal Storage 3000LE to an available USB interface on your computer. Once connected, apply power to the system.

4. After Windows 98SE starts, the Add New Hardware Wizard box will appear. Click the Next > button to continue.

5. On the next page, select "Search for the best driver for your device..." and click the Next > button to continue.

6. On the next page, check the "Specify a location:" checkbox and click on the Browse... button.

7. In the Browse for Folder Window, locate the 3000LE_Style_B directory (e.g., the suggested C:\3000LE_Style_B) and click the OK button.

8. Click on the Next > button to accept the selection of the driver MXOFX.INF. NOTE: The path identified in the image will vary depending on the location of the MXOFX.INF file. At this point the 3000LE software driver will load on your Windows 98SE computer.

To complete the Installation, click on the Finish button and restart your Windows 98SE computer.

Step-By-Step Procedures
WARNING: Drivers found in the 3000le.exe file are only for use on computer systems using Microsoft Windows 98
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