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HD Controller & Removable drive
HighPoint Rocket 1540
Operating Systems
Windows 98-98Se-Me-NT4-2000-XP
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This file is divided into the following major sections:

1. Software Version
2. Files Listing
3. Revision History
4. Device Mapping Order
5. Known Problems

1. Software Version

BIOS version: v1.0s
Driver version: v1.0s

Operating Systems:
Windows 98/ME
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP

2. Files Listing
Readme.txt This file
|_ load.exe BIOS loading utility
\_ 374v10.s8e controller BIOS
\_ biosum.pdf BIOS user's manual
Drivers Driver disk
|_ win98_me Windows 98/ME driver
|_ win_nt Windows NT 4.0 driver
|_ win_2k Windows 2000 driver
|_ win_xp Windows XP driver
|_ disk1 Driver disk label
\_ txtsetup.oem Windows NT/2k/XP setup file
3. Revision History

v1.0s 04/21/2003
* First release

4. Device mapping order

The device mapping order in system is same as BIOS setting utility. The disk
marked as "BOOT" will always be mapped as first SCSI disk. Please keep it in
mind when installing Windows NT/2K/XP, otherwise OS may be installed to wrong

5. Known Problems

* Install OS to devices attached to Rocket 1540 controller

Before installing OS to devices attached to Rocket 1540 controller,
you must remove the drives connected to other controllers from your system
temporarily. After OS installation complete, you can put them back.

* Device driver update

Since Rocket 1540 Controller is a dual-function PCI chip, when updating the
driver, you must update it for both functions following their
order as being shown in Windows device manager.

* ACPI S3 mode is not supported

ACPI S3 mode standby can not work due to hardware limitation. Please don't
enable S3 mode in system BIOS.

* IRQ issue for multiple controller in one system
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