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Firmware Installation and Upgrade
The firmware is the operating system (OS) installed on the device.
1.1 Firmware Installation
If it is the first time that you are installing a SATA HDD (no matter it is a new one or an old one) into the
player, please make sure you have read the following steps in advance.
Step 1: Backup Data
Please backup the data in the HDD before installing it into the player. The following steps will format the hard
disc, which will erase all data currently stored on the hard disc.
Step 2: Install the HDD
Follow the HDD Installation Guide, and install the HDD into the player.
Step 3: Prepare the USB Pen Drive
You will need a USB Pen Drive for firmware installation. Copy the 6 files from the firmware folder to the root
directory of your USB Pen Drive.
Step 4: Connect the USB Pen Drive
Plug the USB Pen Drive into one of the USB HOST ports of the player.
Step 5: Hold the STANDBY button
Press and hold the STANDBY button on the front panel, and do not loosen.
Step 6: Connect the power cable
Plug the power cable into the DC IN jack, wait for about 3 seconds or more, and then loosen your finger on
the STANDBY button;
Firmware installation will start in about 30 seconds. The LED indicators on the front panel will be enlightened
and flashing during installation. If it is connected to a TV set, a yellow install page will appear on the TV
If install error or white screen occurs, please unplug the power cable and try again;
Do not turn off the power during installation;
The USB Pen Drive is not allowed to be unplugged during installation.

1.2 Firmware Upgrade
Firmware upgrades can bring new features, improvements and bug fixes.
To check whether you have the latest version of firmware:
1. Select MISC in the Setup menu;
2. The firmware version number is displayed behind SW Version;
3. Compare it with the latest firmware version released.
Note: Firmware upgrade will delete all of the recorded titles in the UDF recording partition. Please
copy the recorded data to FAT32 partition in your hard disc in advance. See Copy to FAT32 partition
in 4.6 Title Edit Menu for more details.
Download the latest firmware from our official website.
Step 1: Prepare the USB Pen Drive
Copy the 6 files into the root directory of your USB Pen Drive.
Step 2: Modify ‘part.txt’
Open ‘part.txt’ file in the USB Pen Drive with WordPad, and make sure to modify ‘option:install’ to
Please do not modify the other sentences in ‘part.txt’, which might cause install error.
Step 3: Repeat step 4, step 5, and step 6 in 1.1 Firmware Installation.
Note: When installation or upgrade is completed, several system partitions would be created. Please
do not delete any of these partitions in case of hard disc failure.
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