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This driver package supports both SCSI Terminal Servers and EtherLite
Terminal Servers products from Digi International Inc.

Installation Instructions

1. Install your Terminal Server hardware as described in the accompanying
instruction booklet(s).

2. If you have installed no EtherLite units (i.e., you have installed
SCSI Terminal Servers), skip to step 4.

3. Set up an IP-address server on your network (if one is not
present already), and reserve an IP address for each EtherLite
unit. Detailed instructions for doing this can be found under
"Operating an EtherLite Port Server" in the Digi International
Help file (Digielst.HLP in the same directory as this README file).

4. Install and configure the software by running the SETUP.EXE
program in the same directory as this README file.

Release notes for R1.018 update
o Included updated version of the storeip utility, storeip32.exe. This file
is a self extracting archive containing a readme file and a few utilities
used to manipulate the IP address of an EtherLite unit.

Release notes for R1.018
o Fixed RTS_CONTROL_TOGGLE blue screen crash bug. (Bug ID 4783)

o Fixed port remap tool problem with EL-2 485 devices. (Bug ID 4574)

o Fixed memory leak in non-paged pool. Reverted to the original method of
establishing an initial connection to the device. (Bug ID 3934)

o Included new utility program (storeip.exe) for setting the IP address on
EtherLite units.

Release notes for R1.017
o Fixed buffered output capability (Bug ID 4261)

o Any attempt to connect to an inaccessible unit will result in a significant
non-paged pool memory leak over time. The fault appears to lie in a system
routine called during this process. Consequently, to minimize the leak,
initial attempts to connect to a unit and attempts to connect to a unit
which goes offline will timeout after two hours. Also, the interval
between retrying for an initial connection will grow from ten seconds to
two minutes within the first several minutes of driver startup. (Bug ID 3934)


o Configuring units which are not physically accessible will precipitate
a memory leak in non-paged pool memory. This memory cannot be reclaimed
without rebooting your system.

o RAS will not work on MP systems.

Release notes for R1.015
o Fixed multiple MP bugs in the driver's line discipline code (Bug ID 3024, 3081).

o Fixed RAS dial-out bug (Bug ID 3429).

o Fixed AbortOnError flag handling (Bug ID 3447).

o Changed the service name in the installation pack from 'Port Server' to
'Terminal Server' per request ID 3198.
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