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Initio INI-9XXXU/UW Device Drivers for DOS
1. Overview

Under the Microsoft DOS operating System, the INI-9100U/9100UW host adapter
BIOS will provide the necessary functions to support SCSI hard disks. The BIOS
supports up to two hard disk drives for DOS 4.01 and below. It supports more
than two (up to eight) hard disk drives for DOS 5.0 and above.

You don't have to install a device driver to access the hard disk. However
you need to install ASPI(Advance SCSI Programming Interface) device driver to
support other SCSI devices such as CDROMs, Tape drives, or Scanners.

The Initio INICD.SYS driver is an ASPI compliant SCSI CD-ROM driver for DOS operating system.

The DOSSETUP utility will install the Initio ASPI device driver
(ASPI910U.SYS) for DOS 3.3.1 or later. It will also optionally install the
Initio SCSI CD-ROM device driver(INICD.SYS).

2. Installation Procedures
1. Insert the diskette into your floppy drive.
2. Change to the drive letter that contains the diskette.

(e.g., C:>A:)



3. ASPI Driver(ASPI910U.SYS) Command Line Options

The standard format for command line in the CONFIG.SYS file is:

DEVICE=C:\INIASPI\ASPI910U.SYS [Driver Config Option]

Driver Config Options:

/D Verbose mode provides detail information about driver when
driver is inititalized
/L Drvier scan eight LUNs for each SCSI Target.
/Bx,yy Scan device only on PCI BUS x, DEVICE yy
The range for "x" is from 0 to 7.
The range for "yy" is from 0 to 20.
/Bx Scan all the devices on the PCI BUS x
The range for "x" is from 0 to 7.
/Syy Scan device only on the PCI BUS 0 & Device yy.
The range for "yy" is from 0 to 20.
/CCBSx Defines the maximum number of concurrent I/Os that driver
supports. The range for "x" is from 1 to 16.

3. CD-ROM Driver(INICD.SYS) Command Line Options

The standard format for command line in the CONFIG.SYS file is:

DEVICE=C:\INIASPI\INICD.SYS [Driver Config Option]

Driver Config Options:

/D: Specifies a logical name to the SCSI CD-ROM device driver.

/Xx:y:z Exclude a specific CD-ROM drive(SCSI H/A #x, ID #y, Lun #z)
from being controlled by SCSI CD-ROM driver. When SCSI ID and
LUN are not specified, all devices on the supplied host
adapter number will be excluded.

/T Specifies the timeout after which SCSI CD-ROM Driver returns
an error when the CD-ROM drive is not responding. Valid
timeout values are 1 through 9 minutes. The timeout default
value is 3 minutes.

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