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Buslogic MultiMaster SCSI Host Adapter
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Windows 95 comes bundled with the BusLogic MultiMaster Miniport driver,
which you can use for installation. Follow the procedure outlined in
the Windows 95 Installation Guide to do your installation.

This installation procedure describes the steps involved in upgrading
that driver to the one on the Software Drivers diskette.

1. At the Win95 Desktop, double-click on My Computer, Control
Panel, and System icons, in that order.

2. Click the Device Manager button. Once in the Device Manager,
select SCSI Controller, then BusLogic MultiMaster SCSI Host

3. Insert the Software Drivers diskette into drive A:, highlight
BusLogic MultiMaster SCSI Host Adapter, and click on Properties,
Driver, Change Driver, and Have Disk.

4. Enter "A:\WIN95" at the target source prompt and continue with
the driver update.

5. Exit out of the System program and reboot Win95. Upgrade
to the new MultiMaster driver is complete.

Configuring Tunable Parameters
The following tunable (user-configurable) parameters are supported:

MaxQueueTags - Parameter to control the maximum queue tag
depth on tagged queuing devices attached to
a given adapter. The driver defaults to a
tag queue depth of 8. Valid values are 1 to 60.

To modify a tunable parameter under Windows 95, invoke the Windows 95
Device Manager as follows:

1. From the Control Panel, choose Settings, then click on the System

2. Click on the Device Manager button.

3. Click on SCSI Controllers.

4. Click on BusLogic MultiMaster SCSI Host Adapters.

5. Click on the Settings button.

6. At the Adapter Settings prompt, type in the tunable parameter
(multiple parameters must be separated by a semicolon).

Example: To specify a maximum tag queue depth, where xx is a
value between 1 and 60 inclusive, type:


To disable Tag Queueing entirely, specify a maximum tag queue
depth of zero:

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