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By installing the IDE139 CD-ROM drive into your IBM PC/AT or compatible
computer, you will enter the world of multimedia. You can then take
advantage of the wide range of educational, presentation and entertainment
CD titles available in the market.

You can install this CD-ROM drive into one of the empty bays provided in
your PC. By using the IDE connection, you avoid the need to use a CD-ROM
interface card, thus simplifying the installation of the CD-ROM drive.

Power Saving Feature

The CD-ROM drive has a built-in power saving feature. If the drive stops
for three to six minutes' time (depending on the model you have), the LED
light goes off. This feature not only saves power but also extends the
life of the drive.

After the LED goes off, press any button to start again. The LED will be
lit and you can quickly resume playing.

System Requirement

To install the IDE139 CD-ROM drive, your PC needs to have the following

* IBM PC or compatible, with 80386 CPU or higher (A 80486 is recommended.)
* MS-DOS Version 3.1 or later
* Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
* Minimum 1 Mbytes of Memory (RAM)
* 3 1/2" floppy drive (FDD)
* one free IDE connection and an empty 5" disk bay to install the
CD-ROM drive

Connecting the CD-ROM Drive

To connect this CD-ROM drive to your PC, you will need an IDE connector,
for the CD-ROM drive.

1. With the power to your PC disconnected, remove the PC's top cover.

2. Insert the CD-ROM drive into one of the free 5" bays available for
disk drives and secure it with screws to your PC.

3. Connect the 40-pin IDE cable from your hard disk to the back of the
CD-ROM drive or if you have a sound card that supports IDE, you may
connect this 40-pin cable to the sound card. Also, connect the power
supply cable to the back of the CD-ROM drive.

* The red-edge of the IDE Cable must be connected to Pin 1 on the
CD-ROM drive. Failure to do so may result in damage to your computer.

4. If you have a sound card that can be connected to this CD-ROM drive,
you can also connect Audio-Out of the CD-ROM drive to Audio-In of the
sound card with a 4-pin audio cable.

* Please make sure to connect Pin 1 from Audio-Out of the CD-ROM drive
to Pin 1 from Audio-In of the sound card.

5. Reinstall the casing on your PC, and reconnect the power supply.
The Front Panel of the CD-ROM Drive

The Quick Select Buttons

You can use the two quick select buttons to manually control music CDs
without running any software program.

The right button has four states: EJECT, CLOSE, PAUSE, and STOP. If the
tray is out, pressing this button will close it. If the tray is closed,
pressing this button will eject it. If the drive is playing, pressing
this button will delay playing. Press the left button to continue playing.
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