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Windows 95 Installation Guide

Before you install the EXP CD-940, the PCMCIA socket service need to be activated.(See note below) Please do following:
1. Insert the PCMCIA card into the slot.
2. "New Hardware Found" Window will appear
3. Choose the "Driver from disc provided by hardware manufacturer".
4. Insert the installation disc then click OK, select "EXP CD-940" then click OK. The CD-ROM driver will be installed automatically.
5. Go to "My Computer". You will see the CD-ROM icon. This is the EXP CD-940 you just installed.

* DO NOT use the INSTALL.EXE to install the CD-ROM. This program is for DOS/Windows 3.1 only

How To Un-install the EXP CD-940 Driver

1. Make sure the EXP CD-940 is connected with your system.
2. Go to "Control Panel", choose "System" then choose "Device Manager"
3. Double click on "CD-ROM Controller". You will see the "EXP CD-940" appear below the CD-ROM controller.
4. Highlight the "EXP CD-940" by clicking on it, and choose "Remove".
For the user who had installed real mode drivers using the 'work around' procedures

1. Go to "Control Panel", choose "System" then choose "Device Manager"
2. Click on the "+" left of "CDROM". You will see the "CDROM Drive" appear below the CD-ROM
3. Highlight the "CDROM Drive" by clicking on it, and choose "Remove".
4. Click on "Refresh" the "New Hardware Found" Window will appear
5. Follow step 3, 4, and 5 in the Windows 95 Installation Guide above

To Activate Windows 95 PCMCIA support: 1

Double click on the My Computer icon
Double click on the Control Panel icon
Double click on the Add New Hardware icon
Click Next until detection of New Hardware ( wait for completion )
Click on Details to check for the hardware found then click Finish
( It should tell you that PCIC or compatible controller was detected. )
Click Next until you see the Finish button
Click on Finish to end
Restart your computer to activate PCMCIA slot
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