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Digital Research DRLS120
DRSound-OPTI 931
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MS-Dos-Windows 3.1-95a
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LS120 Drivers are not needed for Windows 95b version, Windows 98 or NT ATAPI LS-120 drive

Documentation for Installer(DOS) and
Documentation for Setup (Windows 95) and
Documentation for DeviceDriver (DOS, Win3.1)
Documentation for DeviceDriver (Windows95)
Documentation for Format Tool (Windows95)

Made date: 16/04/97
Modified date: 06/06/97

[Software Version and changing history]
!!! CAUTION !!!
Version number of Driver package means as follows:
(120Pack=120, This mean device driver packege to support for LS-120 drives.)
120xxE,120xxJ and 120xxN (after 120xx) mean as follows:
120xxE:for IBM-AT PC system and English messages
120xxJ:for DOS/V(Japanese IBM-AT) PC system and Japanese Message
120xxN:for NEC PC-98
----------------------- 120 Pack12 is new version for LS-120 ------------------
DOS/Win3.1 installation program
[INSTALL.EXE (Version 1.30)]
* None

DOS/Win3.1 device driver
[ATAPIMGR.SYS (Version 1.04)]
* Addition to function of Timeout option -> Upgrade.
* Addition to function of displaying Error code -> Upgrade.
* Addition to function of LUN support -> Upgrade.
* Modification that driver check BUSY/DRQ/DRDY bit after issuing ATA Identify.
-> Bug Fix.
* Modification that /ERD option have some problem when you do not use /ERD
option. -> Bug Fix.
* Modified wrong that Device Driver overwrites system area. -> Bug Fix.
* Modified wrorg how to use instruction when Device Driver transfers data.
-> Bug Fix.

[MKELS120.SYS (Version 1.01)]
* Making new version device driver to support for LS-120 Drive. -> New.
* Device Driver did not set CERT Bit. -> It will be set.

Windows95 Installation / Uninstallation program

Windows95 Utility Program(Formatter)
[MKELSFMT.EXE (Version 1.20)]

Windows95 Device Driver
[MKELS120.VxD (Version 1.20)]
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