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USB Camera Driver
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Windows 98-98Se-2000
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Instructions for Special Procedures AFTER installing the USB Driver for Windows 2000 Operating System
1. Connect the Digital Still CaMera to the computer with the supplied Cable via the USB port.
2. Insert a Memory Stick into the caMera and turn ON the caMera.
3. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and System.
4. At the System Properties window, click the Hardware tab and the Device Manager button.
5. Scroll down the list of devices, and double-click the Universal Serial BUS controllers entry to expand it.
6. Click to highlight the device entry marked with a (!). (For example: (!)DSC-F505). Double-click the device enter its Properties.
7. Click the Drivertab. Click the Update Driver button, the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard will start. Click the Next button to proceed.
8. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device (recomMended) and then click Next.
9. At the Locate Driver Filesscreen, do not make any optional location changes and click Next.
Note: The driver (c:\winnt\inf\oem1.inf) will be found. The number, in this case 1, after "OEM" varies depending on the configuration. (e.g. "oem1", "oem5"). Please make note of this file naMe because it will be used later in the process.

10. Select Install one of the other drivers and then click Next. Two drivers will appear.
11. Under Location, select c:\winnt\inf\sonypvu1.inf. The device is recognized and the driver is automatically installed.
12. At the Completing the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard screen, click Finish. Close all the open Windows.
Note: If pRompted, restart the computer. To prevent the incorrect driver fRom being installed when another USB port is used, it is now necessary to delete the old Windows 98/98SE driver on the computer.

13. Click the My Computer icon. FRom the Tools Menu, click Folder Options. At the Folder Options window, click the View tab. Under Advanced Settings, select Show hidden files and folders
Note: If the Hide file extensions for known file types is checked, click to remove the checkmark fRom the box.
14. Click OK to close the Folder Options window.
15. At the My Computer window, click the Local Disk (C:) icon. Click the WINNT folder.
Note: If no files or folder are showing., click the ShowFiles link.
16. Click the Inf folder. Right-click on the oem1.inf file and click Delete.
Note: The number in the file naMe may vary. Please refer to the file naMe made note of in Step 12 above for the appropriate naMe.
At the Confirm File Delete box, click Yes.

17. Right-click on the oem1.pnf file and click Delete.
18. At the Confirm File Delete box, click Yes.
19. Click the system32 folder.
Note: If no files or folder are showing., click the ShowFiles link.

20. Right-click on the sonysys.sys file and click Delete.
21. At the Confirm File Delete box, click Yes.
22. Click the X in the top-right corner to close the system32 window.
The process is now complete.
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