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GRDVL720/725/820 drivers installation steps:

After you clicked on the 720.exe file it unzipped all files into new folder called JVC in your C:\ drive. In this folder you can also find instruction manual for Digital Photo Navigator and USB connection guide. To view this info (you need Adobe Acrobat reader software) double click on manual you want to see (both books are in C:\JVC folder).

1. Make sure camera is NOT connected to your PC at this time.
2. Double click on USBSTGE icon.
3. Confirm installation then click on FINISH.
4. Double click PHNV10D and follow installation steps.
5. Close this JVC folder.
6. Turn camera on (PLAY and MEMORY) and connect USB cord.
7. If your PC is equipped with multiple USB ports it is recommended to use ports located on the back of the computer (connecting thru USB hub, front ports or additional devices like keyboard may prevent proper camera installation/operation).
8. Camera monitor MUST display USB MODE screen.
9. Your PC will display several screens (depending on which Windows 98/ME/2000/XP you use).
10. Follow those screens and click on confirmation buttons if asked to.
11. Installation is complete.
Troubleshooting tips in case of operation problems:
Try different USB ports if available
Disconnect other USB devices if any
Reboot computer
If you have any NETWORK DRIVES shown in MY COMPUTER disconnect those.
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