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Buffalo LS-WSSGL LinkStation Mini SSD
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Windows updater, please deactivate firewall while processing, release note included LS-WSGL/R1 Series Firmware Updater Ver.1.06

Name LS-WSGL/R1 Series Firmware Updater
Version Ver.1.06
File LSWSGL-106.zip
Size 116,797,440 Bytes
Date mm dd, 2009
Platform DOS/VAPC98-NX
OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Model LS-WS1.0TGL/R1ALS-WS500GL/R1
Copyright BUFFALO Inc.
Distribution Distribution ZIP archive (Created by LHMelt. LHMelt intellectual properties belongs to Mr.Micco.)
Condition Re-distribution is not allowed.
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[Software description]
This software is LS-WSGL/R1 Series Firmware UPdate Utility to update unit firmware to Ver.1.06.
If your unit firmware is Ver.1.06 or later version, you do not have to use this utility.
*If the LS-WSGL/R1 became EM Mode, firmware update might recover the unit.
[How to confirm firmware version]
Select LS-WSGL/R1 from NasNavigator2 utility search screen.
The firmware version is displayed right and bottom corner in the status screen.
If the unit name shown LS-WTGL-EM*** in the status screen, the LS-WSGL/R1 becomes EM (Emergency) mode.
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