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Using TurboUSB
To use TurboUSB, you must fi rst enable it. From the Start menu, choose
Programs > BUFFALO > TurboUSB > TurboUSB for HD-HSU2. (Fig: 2)
Click Enable and follow the instructions. (Fig: 3)
Once the wizard has completed you must disconnect the DriveStation by
clicking on the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the systray (located
in the taskbar) (Fig: 5). Once indicated, remove and reattach the USB cable
from your PC to fi nalise activation of TurboUSB.
You may also turn TurboUSB off from the same window by clicking Disable
and following the steps (Fig: 3). You must then unplug and reconnect the
USB hard drive to fi nalise the process. Use the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’
wizard to release the drive before unplugging it.

Is TurboUSB enabled?
To check whether TurboUSB is enabled, right-click on My Computer and
choose Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus
controllers. If TurboUSB is enabled, your USB storage device will have
“(TurboUSB)” added to its name. (Fig: 6)

TurboUSB For Mac
The Buff alo TurboUSB utility can greatly improve the data transfer rates
to and from your Buff alo USB hard drive. Other USB devices are not
aff ected by TurboUSB software.
Installation and Using TurboUSB
1. Insert the Buff alo Technology CD in your computer CD drive
2. Double-click on TurboUSB.dmg.
3. Navigate to the “TurboUSB” directory on the Desktop and
double-click on TurboUSBHDDInstall.
4. After the Buff alo TurboUSB software is installed, click Restart.*
* You must restart your Mac.

Is TurboUSB enabled?
If TurboUSB is enabled, the icon of your USB storage device will look as
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