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100/10M Ethernet PCI Adapter User's Guide


This User's Guide is used for the 100/10M PCI adapter with wake on LAN
function which supports M/B with PCI2.1/PCI2.2 spec.. It is a 32-bit adapter for using in
personal computers with a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) computer bus
to eliminate I/O bottlenecks and to reduce CPU loading using bus master architecture.
Wake on LAN(for PCI2.1/PCI2.2) function supports you to turn on PCs from a sleep state
over the network remotely during off-hours.

It is a Full-Duplex adapter connected to an Ethernet network with a single connection over
unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable and can auto-sense either 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps by full
Key Features:

1.Single-chip controller complies to PCI local bus specification revision 2.1,2.2
2.Conform with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T and IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX standards
3.Support Wake on LAN function (Work with PCI2.1/PCI2.2 motherboard)
4.Support ACPI, PCI power management (Work with PCI2.1/PCI2.2 motherboard)
5.High performance bus master architecture for low CPU and bus utilization
6.Single RJ-45 connector for using at either 10 or 100Mbps speed
7.On-board socket for an optional remote boot ROM
8.Provide 2 diagnostic LEDs to monitor linking status
9.Provide high performance network drivers such as ODI,NDIS, NDIS3,NDIS4, NDIS5, UNIX, etc.

Package Contents:

One Ethernet PCI adapter
Driver Diskette
This User's Guide
Wake On LAN Cable (optional)

Installation Procedures:

Discharge any static electricity from your body before handling the sensitive board of the card.
Handle the card by its edges, and be careful not to twist or flex it. Follow the steps below to
install the card:

l.Unpack the card package.
2.Switch off your computer's power.
Note: To prevent equipment damage and injury, never apply the power when installing.
Turn off any devices that you may attach to the computer.
3.Remove your computer's unit cover. Refer to your computer system manual for specific instructions.
4.Locate a free PCI local bus master slot.
5.Remove the slot cover and screw.
6.Insert the card into the chosen and correct slot carefully.
7.Put the computer's unit cover back.
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